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  • InTouch
  • Infobase
  • OnTime
  • Parent Portal
  • Attendance
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  • Behaviour
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  • LURITS Approved

Keep staff members informed of daily announcements

Staff are able to interact with each other through the messenger wall

See who is online and whose birthday it is

Handy calendar tool with customisable term dates and non-school days

Keep in touch with parents and staff through bulk sms’s and emails.  Communicate to the whole school, to specific groups or to individuals. Emails support adding attachments.

All the information you need on your learners, parents and staff members, neatly laid out in an easy to read format.

Just use the handy search tool on the top right hand corner and with a click you are where you need to be.

Store documents and files, keep journals, have a track record of behaviour and attendance as well as marks – all in one place.

No endless scrolling or “ALT F” to access what you need.

Manages classes, future enrolments, class roll overs and groups within your school.

Easily create calendars or timetables for classes, groups, or extra mural groups

Staff members/parents/students only see events that apply to them in their calendar

Locate a student/staff member any time by looking at their calendar in their profile

Share calendars with school staff, parents and students

Manage the booking of rooms and other resources for your events

Calendar and timetables are  compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendars and smartphone calendar apps etc

Event updates are automatically included in everyone’s calendars and timetables.

Schools can share useful information with families about their childrens’ activities.

Schools can keep parents and students up to date with events, announcements, tasks, reports.

The InTouch portal is a separate website from a school’s Staffroom site.

Schools can control what information they wish to share with their parents and students on the portal.

Schools are able to do branding of their InTouch portal site to reflect the schools’ branding.

Parents only see information about their children.

Easy to use attendance register system.

Mark absentees directly to the central system.

No need to manually upload or duplicate effort.

Data immediately available for drawing school wide reports.


Track your learners marks

Teachers can enter marks in one place

No more excel spreadsheets

Easy to use markbooks (CAPS compliant)

Configurable markbooks to suit any type of school

Customisable Reports

Analysis of Grades made easy with Staffroom

Track learner’s behaviour

Automate and manage processes

We offer unparalleled support. Our support team is local which means you can ask us as many questions as you need to and we will be able to assist you quickly and efficiently.


Staffroom is approved to comply with the LURITS framework.

What is LURITS ?

The Learner Unit Record Information and Tracking System (LURITS) aims to collect unit record data for each learner in South Africa, from grade R through to Grade 12. The system also tracks the movement of each learner from school to school, even inter-provincial movements of learners can be traced. Each learner is to eventually be assigned with a unique learner tracking number which remains with the learner throughout their schooling. Individual educator records are also housed on LURITS.

The LURITS system is dependent on receiving data from computerised school administration systems as the source for the unit record data of educators and learners. It is planned that Schools that do not have electronic school administration tools should be assisted to capture on LURITS using the LURITS capturing functionality.

Staffroom’s record keeping of data is compatible with LURITS.