Top Features

  • Messenger

    messengerKeep your staff informed using the messenger internal communication tool. Your school will have its own private Facebook-like wall where staff can post messages and the school can post announcements and useful information.

  • InTouch

    messengerCommunicate easily with parent and staff groups with richly formatted Email communications or SMSes. All your parent and staff contact details are kept in one place which means you’ll never have to maintain a separate contacts database.

  • Infobase

    messengerKeep all of your school’s important student, family and staff records in one secure place you can access anywhere anytime. All records are easily searchable and accessible in powerful 360 degree views that contain all the information you need.

  • Attendance

    messengerAllow your staff to quickly and easily capture student attendance for register classes or flexible subject groups. View and report on attendance information for you whole school, grades, classes, and individual students.

  • OnTime

    ontimeOnTime allows your school to easily create calendars and timetables for school events. These can be shared with staff, parents and students in a variety of ways. Each staff member, parent or student gets a custom calendar which only includes information about events that apply to them.

  • Parent Portal

    parentportalThe new InTouch portal gives your parents and learners convenient online access to important school information relevant to their family. Your school can share information about upcoming events, homework, journal entries, term reports and more with your parents and students.

  • Assess

    messengerOur flexible and powerful assessment tools can cater for a huge variety of scenarios including CAPS assessment. Easily capture assessment tasks, perform calculations, print professional full colour term reports, and much more.

  • Behaviour

    messengerTrack the behaviour of your students and save effort by automating the repetitive work in your demerit policy. Use your own categories of merits and demerits and define escalation rules to automatically trigger emails, SMSes and printing of detention slips.

  • Awesome Support

    messengerOur unparalleled support service is on hand to help you to successfully use Staffroom at your school. We don’t place any limit on the number of questions you can ask which means you can always contact us for help if you’re stuck with something.

  • LURITS Approved

    messengerReporting to government is a requirement for all schools in South Africa. Submit your school’s learner data to the South African LURITS system directly from Staffroom.